About Us

Along with the increase in development and production in various sectors such as industry, buildings, housing and infrastructure. The need for electrical equipment by panel manufacturers, OEMs, contractors and end users in increasingly rapidly which requires support from distributors in terms of product availability and technical support.

To answer this challenge we established PT DISTRITAMA PERKASA in 2010. Supported by experienced experts in their fields, PT DISTRITAMA PERKASA get the trust of partners and customers to meet the need for quality electrical equipment.

Our mission is to provide high quality electrical equipment complete with
pre and after sales services.

Schneider Electric, a global electricity company from France entrusted the distribution of its products to PT DISTRITAMA PERKASA to serve: electrical panel manufacturers, OEMs, contractors, modern retailers, industrial and building shops and housing.

In line with rapid business growth, we also carry out business innovation, infrastructure development and human resources. Our achievements results with the prestigous trophy: The Most Innovation Distributor in 2012 and The Best Performance Distributor in 2014 by Schneider Electric Indonesia.

At present we have 40 employees who are competent in their fields supported by comfortable office and showroom space, state of the art ERP software, a warehouse of 2000 m2 and a distribution fleet that will ensure timely delivery and quality maintenance.

Our Motto is:

PT Distritama Perkasa is your reliable partner for high quality electrical equipment.